Skip navigation american cancer society - the official sponsor of birthdays. ™ español asian & pacific languages 1-800-227-2345 watch us on youtube follow us on twitter follow us on facebook donate » american cancer society | information and resources for cancer: breast, colon, lung, prostate, skin learn about cancer cancer list view stay healthy find support & treatment explore research get involved my acs set your preferences close learn about cancer find information and resources for a specific cancer topic print » share » share this page close push escape to close share window. cheap viagra online Email this to: (email address) from: (email address) message: add this facebook twitter myspace delicious see all » save » saved this article close push escape to close saved articles window. My saved articles » my acs » bladder cancer overview guide early detection, diagnosis, and staging bladder cancer overview + - text size download printable version [pdf]â» early detection, diagnosis, and staging topics document topics how is bladder cancer found? order viagra Staging of bladder cancer survival rates for bladder cancer go â» see a list â» how is bladder cancer found? Staging of bladder cancer survival rates for bladder cancer previous topic can bladder cancer be prevented? Next topic staging of bladder cancer how is bladder cancer found? viagra for sale Bladder cancer can sometimes be found early. kamagra oral jelly vs viagra Finding it early improves the chances that it can be treated with success. Screening tests are used to look for a disease in people who have not had that disease before and do not have any symptoms. cheap viagra online Screening tests for bladder cancer are not advised for most people, but they may be used if you are at very high risk. Risk factors that may lead to screening include having had bladder cancer in the past, certain defects of the bladder, and perhaps working with certain chemicals. If you are at high risk of bladder cancer, your doctor might suggest certain tests such as urine tests or cystoscopy. viagra maximum effectiveness time These tests are explained below. buy generic viagra online If you don't have any known risk factors, the best advice is to contact your doctor if you have any symptoms of bladder cancer. best time take viagra daily use Signs and symptoms of bladder cancer blood in the urine: in most cases, blood in the urine is the first sign of bladder cancer. Sometimes there is enough blood to change the color of the urine. Or the urine may be very pale yellow-red or, less often, darker red. In other cases, the color of the urine is normal but small amounts of blood can be found by urine tests that were done because of other symptoms or as part of a check-up. But blood in the urine does not mean you have bla. how much does viagra cost on the street viagra online Free Estimates - Competetive Rates


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